Building new studios often requires relocating used equipment from the old location. Since corporate is here to help, letís have a look at the inventory.


Here is a 360 Systemís Shortcut. This digital recorder workstation is the broadcasterís best friend for taking phone calls.This one is worse for wear and has labels worn off most of the buttons. Check out the Sharpie work.

Jocks complain that the start and stop buttons havenít worked well for ages. This particular unit obviously suffers from a lack of attention by the local engineer. Look at that worn shuttle knob.


Just because this unit is moving to a new studio facility and the jocks say it has been this way for as long as they can remember, doesnít mean a 4 minute phone call wonít yield new button pads. They even send them to your studio location.


It is a 15 minute process, honest. No exotic tools required.


Wait, whatís this?


It looks like the Pepsi Bottling Company is at it again. This stuff has been in there for decades.


Nothing a little dab of solvent wonít mop up. Add 10 minutes for a thorough job.


Corporate insists that jocks keep drinks well away from the gear. The kitchen is a good place.

Corporate also prefers that the local engineer pay attention to his plant.




Any questions?