If you have a fax machine, you have fax spam.


I get stuff like this just about every day. I hear there are folks out there who dial around looking for fax numbers to sell

so avoiding spammer lists is nearly impossible over time.


I maintain a mailbox at the local post office for internet related contact infomation. Looking at the SPAM I get there, someone

is going through the DNS and registrar databases collecting information to send junk mail to. It never ends.


If you have a mailbox, you have postal SPAM


All of these folks believe that I need to see their message whether it be on my fax machine or in my post office box. While I

disagree with this, I did figure out a way to share the great offers off my fax machine with my friends who want to hear back

from me via the US Mail. Some of the envelopes are just small enough that you need to trim a little off one side of the fax paper

but not so much so that the important message is impaired. I make sure to include at least 4 fax pages so my friends have plenty

to read and take advantage of.


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