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Tie Wrap Guns

Wiring Techniques

Wire Ways

Tower Leg

Power Inverters

Making Margaritas

Quality Entertainment

More Wiring Techniques

Custom Furniture

KVM Switch


Useless Signs

Inexpensive Tuners

More Useless Signs

Obvious Instructions

Drinks in Studio?

Switched Leg

Terrorist Tubes

Tale of Two Racks

If the callsign fits…

Sneaky Soda

TV Popup Ads

Cell Phones Suck

Fun With Logos

Killer Teflon

LPFM Antennas

Transmitter Pets

More Fun With Logos

Shipping FM Antennas

Dirty Jeep

Got Anthrax?

Texas June Bugs

Window Murals

Four Wheeling

Cell Phone Art

Baseless Baseboards

Lightweight Dog Houses

Fax Mail SPAM


Bad Tower

Remote Controlled Fishing

True Crap




A lot of these are inside jokes among my friends in the broadcast business. Try to laugh anyway.


Thanks to Mike Gideon of WSIX in Nashville, TN for starting this trend while trying to make his point with

3 pictures and two words concerning his distaste for a plastic tie wrap gun.

Got something to add? Send it my way.

Thanks to the folks at Broadcast Works! for some fine pictures.